Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wheelchair user? Welcome to independent travel in London 2012

The title of this blog "Boldly to go" borrows shamelessly from the disability rights slogan ... "To boldly go where everyone else has been before".

Today - May 9th - is Global Accessibil​ity Awareness Day. I have very little knowledge of the digital world (which appears to be the focus for the event) but I thought I would launch something digital ... and on accessibility.

The only event taking place in the UK (as far as I can see) is the following in Wales:

So I'm sharing my very own resource instead, namely, the map I "created" - entirely for my own benefit for travelling round London. Click on the map to enlarge. Notes to follow in my next post.


  1. You're missing Earl's Court on the Piccadilly line. That's got a platform hump so step-free access from train to street.

    Or at least the eastbound platform does. I didn't check westbound. Nor did I check the district line platforms.

  2. It's shocking how the same people (Daily Mail commentators, Government ministers etc) who complain that not enough disabled people are working won't call for improvements to the transport system so they can get to work.

    Your map is a fantastic image of how difficult basic travel in London is for disabled people. Thank you.